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Iron deficiency in the body

Despite the fact that the human body contains iron in fairly small amounts (in adults – 2 to 5 grams, in infants – 300 to 400 milligrams), iron deficiency can lead to iron deficiency anemia. It, in turn, over time, can go to the dysfunction of the cardiovascular system, delayed development of children and oth

er serious consequences. In order to prevent this, different remedies are used, such as this:

Particularly important causes
One of the most important causes of iron deficiency is an unbalanced diet. The main source of this trace element is animal products. Of course, plant foods also contain iron, but in fairly small amounts. But another important thing is that plant foods containing vitamin C help absorb iron from animal products. If a person is on a grueling and mono-diet diet, it is necessary to be examined before deciding to change the diet. If iron levels are low enough, the altered diet is sure to lead to iron deficiency anemia.

If a person has had surgery that resulted in severe blood loss, iron deficiency may also occur, and the patient may feel the symptoms a few days after the intervention. With age, the cells of the mucous membrane of the small intestine, where 90% of the micronutrient is actually absorbed, atrophy. The mucosal villi stop absorbing iron into the blood.

If we talk about iron deficiency in a child, iron deficiency can first be diagnosed at an early age. Preschoolers and adolescents are at risk. As the child grows, the need for iron increases.

Symptoms of iron deficiency
By consulting a doctor, it is easy to know about iron deficiency in the body. There are several signs that should alert a person:

The skin becomes dry, pale, dark circles appear under the eyes, the nails become brittle and the hair becomes brittle;
During any physical activity, a person has shortness of breath and increased fatigue;
even in a warm room, the feet remain cold, due to impaired circulation;
Sometimes severe dizziness occurs;
Mood swings, apathy, and sometimes unreasonable aggression occur.